Glasses Repair: How to Replace a Missing Screw

Accidents are bound to happen with those who wear glasses or even sunglasses regularly. Regular use of the same pair of glasses almost every day may loosen the screw and the springs. There are even times when you tend to lose the screw of your eyeglasses, thereby making it impossible to be used. Though lost screws and the broken frames can temporarily be fixed, it is always better to visit the eyewear repair service centers and get your eye glasses repaired as it will ensure the longer life of your glasses. Given below are few of the steps that will guide you in replacing the missing screw of your glasses and thus help you to fix glasses.

  • In order to fix glasses or your sunglasses, hold them by the nosepiece. This will prevent your frame from being distorted and bended.
  • In case, you have lost the screw, you can replace the missing screw with the new one.
  • If your screw is stripped-off and frequently comes out, you can remove the damaged screw, hold it by the head and apply a drop of glue on the threaded end and then put it back into the frame. The screw will no longer pop out.
  • If you do not have a screw, you can use a small piece of wire and thread it through both the parts that are supposed to be joined. Now, with the help of the pliers, twist the wire as tightly as you can in order to form a nice tight join. You can now cut it off close to the joint and seal it up with a drop of all-purpose glue.

Though it is easy to temporarily fix glasses and replace the missing screw, do not forget to take them to the eyewear repair service center and fix up the problem of your glasses through the experts for durability of your glasses. In addition to this, eyewear repair technicians fix glasses by replacing the screw in such a manner that there is no trace of the repair. It gives a clean and a finished look to your eyeglasses.


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