Eyewear repair: Home remedies for repairing scratched eyeglasses lenses

Wearing the same pair of glasses regularly often leads to accidents resulting in lost screws, broken frames, scratched lenses and so on. Eyeglasses are subjected to the daily wear and tear as most of us tend to go little easy on our glasses. Little bit of carelessness and the rough handling of the eyeglasses often results in scratches on them. Though minor scratches do not create any vision problem, it is better to fix them as they upset the appearance of the eyeglasses. However minor scratches when left untreated would interfere with your vision and lead to blurry images. Though there are certain home remedies that do work for the scratched glasses, it is always recommended to rely on the expert glasses repair technicians who do all sorts of glasses lens repair work and thus repair your scratched lenses.

Home Remedies:

Baking soda and Toothpaste: You can fix glasses at home, by making use of these two products. They are supposed to buff out the scratches from your lenses. However you should be careful while using them. Over use of both these products can lead to abrasions.

Amor Etch: Amor Etch can be used for your glasses lens repair. It is a glass etching chemical which allows you to easily fix scratches on plastic lenses. You cannot use this product for the glass lenses.

Alcohol and Diluted Ammonia: These disinfectants that are easily available in the market are not very expensive. They too can be used to repair the scratched eyeglasses.

Baby Oil: Baby oil is supposed to be gentle on the eyeglasses. They can smoothly buff out the scratches.

Though these are some of ways in which you can buff out the scratches at home, they are not always effective, it is therefore recommended that you visit your local eyewear repair technicians and fix the scratches on your glasses.


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